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Meaning of Demi-Official Letter

The official letter that contains some personal information along with official information is known as demi-official letter. This letter is generally written by compiling both official and some sort of personal messages. This form is generally used in correspondence between Officers to supplement or explain matter which has been referred officially or is proposed to be referred officially.

In writing this letter officially recognized rules, procedures and structure are not followed. Though this letter includes both personal and official information, official information gets the prime focus. People bolding the same position or rank usually exchanges this type of letter. In this letter, the receiver is addressed by name. It is to be written in the first person in a personal and friendly tone and it should be addressed by an Officer who is ordinarily not more than one or two levels below the Officer to whom such communication is addressed. Demi-official correspondence should not be quoted in official communications or be noticed officially in any way. Some important points regarding Demi-official letter are noted as under:

  • It is usually addressed by name and title of the person who is thought to attend to the focus subject of the letter.
  • Salutation normally starts with ‘My Dear X’ ‘Dear Mr./Mrs. Y’
  • The appropriate manner of subscription is ‘Yours sincerely’
  • Such letter is signed by the officer concerned and not by someone else on behalf of the officer.