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Meaning of Communication Model

A model can be defined as a visual presentation that identifies, describes and classifies various parts of a process. In the communication process, sender, message, media, and receiver are associated. Communication process starts with the transmission of message by communicator and ends with receiver’s feedback. When this communication process is represented through a line or picture, it is called communication model. In other words, pictorial presentation of communication process is known as communication model.

The simple model of communication consists of a sender, message and a receiver. However, this simple model ignores many other parts of communication process. So by incorporating all parts of communication process; a comprehensive communication model is presented below:

Fig: Comprehensive Model of Communication

In communication model, various parts of communication process are depicted in a sequential and rational way.

In fine, it can be summed up that communication model is a diagrammatical presentation of communication process. It is the logical settings of the elements of communication process.