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Meaning of Communication Barriers

Sender transmits a message with the expectation that the receiver will receive, understand and act on it. However, messages do not always reach to its intended receiver in a way the sender thinks. A communication barrier is anything that prevents you from receiving and understanding the messages others use to convey their information, ideas and thoughts.

Some causes or factors impede the flow of message, its interpretation and understanding. Such factors or causes are known as communication barriers. Some definitions on communication bather are quoted below:

  • Suruj Kumar Debnath, defined- “Barriers to communication mean obstacles to the process of commttnicauon”.
  • In the opinion of Louise E. Boone and others, “Communication barriers are the problems that arise at every stage of the communications process and have the potential to create misunderstanding and confusion”.
  • According to C. B. Mamoria, “Communication, when it is impeded and does not reach the receiver, is often somewhat ineffective and the impediments are known as barriers.”

By considering the above discussion and definitions, it can be concluded that communication barriers are the factors that inhibit the effective flow of information in the process of communication. Communication barriers impede the flow of information or create problems in understanding and acceptance of information.