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Meaning of Commercial Letter or Business Letter

The letter that contains business related information is called commercial letter or business letter. Through this letter, businesspersons exchange business related information among them. Such letters are written to various business firms, business associations, government, banks, customers, suppliers, employees etc. Business letters are generally aimed at selling goods, obtaining information or advice, making an inquiry, mollifying the injured feelings of customers, placing orders for goods, reminding customers for payment of dues etc. Some definitions of the business letter are quoted below:

According to Hanson, “The letters which are exchanged among businessmen in connection with business affairs are called business (or commercial) letters”.

In the language of Weston, “Commercial correspondence is a system of conducting business transactions by means of writing.”

In conclusion, we can say that the letters which are written among the businessmen for exchanging business related information are known as business letters or commercial letters.