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Market Factors Determining Choice of Channels

Important market factors affecting the choice of channel of distribution include size of market, geographical awareness of potential buyers and quantity purchased. In case the number of buyers is small, like for most industrial products, short channels are used. But if the number of buyers is large, as in case of most convenience products like soft drink, toothpaste etc., longer channels involving large number of intermediaries are used.

If the consumer expects credit facilities or desires personal services of the salesman or desires to make all purchases at one place, the channel of distribution may be short or long depending on the capacity of the company for providing these facilities. If the manufacturer can afford those facilities, the channel will be shorter, otherwise longer.

If the buyers are concentrated in a small place, short channels may be used but if the buyers are widely dispersed over a large geographical area, longer channels may be used.

Similarly if the size of order is small, as in case of most consumer products, large number of intermediaries may be used. But if the size of order is large, direct channels may be used.