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Limitations / Disadvantages of Formal Communication

Though formal communication helps organizations in various ways, it is not free from limitations. Major limitations / disadvantages of formal communication are discussed below:

Wastage of Time: Through formal channel of communication, messages reach to its ultimate destination passing various levels of hierarchy. At every level, messages are encoded and decoded for transmitting it in the next level. As a result, communication process becomes lengthy that wastes time.

Lack of flexibility: Another major drawback of formal communication is that it is not flexible. Through formal communication, it is not possible to transmit emergency message as it follows formal rules, regulations, and authority structure.

Authoritarian attitude: When superiors initiate formal communication, it becomes authoritarian in nature. Through this communication, superiors tend to dictate the subordinates that may negatively affect their morale.

Lack of personal creativity and initiative: Formal communication does not allow any violation of prescribed channels, rules and regulations. None can use alternative way even though it seems better than the established procedure. As a result, there is no chance of showing personal creativity and initiative for better communication.

Lack of personal relation: As formal communication occurs by following predetermine rules and regulations, there is little scope to develop personal relation among the concerned parties.

Costly: Formal communication requires following prescribed rules, regulations, and formalities. Consequently, huge amount of money is required to prepare those rules, regulations and formalities.

Delay in declaim asking: Due to excessive formality, formal communication process requires long time in reaching message to its destination. Compliance with the formalities may bring discipline in organization but it wastes time and causes delay in decision making.

Finally, it can be said that despite having some problems, formal communication is regarded as the officially recognized communication system. Survival and success of business organizations mostly depend on the effective formal communication. Therefore, the concerned parties should try their best to make effective formal communication.