Labels Providing Information Required by Law:

It is a significant task of labeling is to provide information required by law. For example, the constitutional warning on the package of Cigarette or Alcohol, ‘Smoking is Injurious to Health’ or ‘Chewing Tobacco is Injurious to Health’. Such information is required on processed foods, drugs and tobacco products. In case of dangerous or toxic material, suitable safety-warning need to be put on the label. Labels also must accomplish your lawful obligations. Food manufacturers, for example, must publish detailed nutritional information in a definite system and utilize marketing terms — such as “low-fat” or “reduced cholesterol” — that conform to federal regulations.

Therefore, labels execute number of vital functions relating to communicating with the prospective buyers and promoting the sale of the products. Likewise, in case of dangerous or toxic products, suitable legal warning needs to be put on the label.