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Labels Help in Promotion of Products:

A significant function of the label is to support in advertising or promotion of the products. A cautiously intended label can draw concentration and give the motivation to purchase. Sometimes a customer gets optimistic to purchase a product merely due to the attractive label. Nowadays labelling is used as an effective sales promoting tool. Your product’s label delivers your sales memorandum. You can clarify what reimbursement you present that competitors don’t, for example, or promote a prize or discount. You also can enlarge brand benevolence by showing consumers you share their values. For instance, images of happy families, healthy athletes and green pastures each speak to dissimilar types of customers.

We see a lot of product labels providing promotional messages, for example, the pack of a popular company “FedEx” logo isn’t just two diverse colours. Look a little closer and you will see they have ingeniously placed an arrow between the E and x. This is to symbolize them always trying to move forward. The label on the package of a brand of Detergent Powder says, ‘Keep cloth look good and your machine in top condition’. Labels play important role in sales promotional schemes launched by companies. For example the label on the package of a Shaving Cream mentions, ‘40% Extra Free’ or package of a toothpaste mentioning, ‘Free Toothbrush Inside’, or ‘Save Rs15’.