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International Financing

International Finance is the field focuses on global capital markets through monitoring and examining trade practices across borders, global investment flows and movements in foreign exchange rates. In addition to the sources discussed above, there are various avenues for organizations to raise funds internationally. Various international sources from where funds may be generated include:

(i) Commercial Banks: Commercial banks all over the world extend foreign currency loans for business purposes. They are an important source of financing non-trade international operations. The types of loans and services provided by banks vary from country to country. For example, Standard Chartered emerged as a major source of foreign currency loans to the Indian industry.

(ii) International Agencies and Development Banks: A number of international agencies and development banks have emerged over the years to finance international trade and business. These bodies provide long and medium term loans and grants to promote the development of economically backward areas in the world. These bodies were set up by the Governments of developed countries of the world at national, regional and international levels for funding various projects. The more notable among them include International Finance Corporation (IFC), EXIM Bank and Asian Development Bank.