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Importance of Personal Selling to Society

Personal selling plays a very important role in the marketing of goods and services. The importance of personal selling to businessmen, customers and society.

Importance to Society

Personal selling plays a very productive role in the economic progress of a society. The more specific benefits of personal selling to a society are as follows:

(i) Converts Latest Demand: Personal selling converts most recent demand into effectual demand. It is through this cycle that the economic activity in the society is fostered, leading to more jobs, more incomes and more products and services. That is how economic growth is influenced by personal selling.

(ii) Employment Opportunities: Personal selling offers greater income and employment opportunities to the unemployed youth.

(iii) Career Opportunities: Personal selling provides attractive career with greater opportunities for advancement and job satisfaction as well as security, respect, variety, interest and independence to young men and women.

(iv) Mobility of Sales People: There is a greater degree of mobility in sales people, which promote travel and tourism in the country.

(v) Product Standardization: Personal selling increases product standardization and uniformity in consumption pattern in a diverse society.