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Importance of Packaging

Packaging has acquired great significance in the marketing of goods and services, because of following reasons:

(i) Rising Standards of Health and Sanitation: Rising standards of living in the country have resulted in more use of packed goods and this also reduces the chances of adulteration. Because of the increasing standards of living in the country, more and more people have started purchasing packed goods as the chances of adulteration in such goods are minimized.

(ii) Self Service Outlets: At present, packaging has occupied a place of silent salesmanship especially at self service outlets. Because of this, some of the traditional role assigned to personal selling in respect of promotion has gone to packaging.

(iii) Innovational Opportunity: Some of the recent developments in the area of packaging have completely changed the marketing scene in the country. For example, milk can now be stored for 4-5 days without refrigeration in the recently developed packing materials.

(iv) Product Differentiation: Packaging is one of the very important means of creating product differentiation. The color, size, material etc., of package makes real difference in the perception of customers about the quality of the product. For example, potato wafers of local brand & branded companies give different impact on the minds of the customers, all because of difference in their packing.