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Impact of Government Policy Changes on Business and Industry

The policy of liberalization, privatization and globalization of the Government has made a significant impact on the working of enterprises in business and industry.

These challenges can be explained as follows:

(i) Increasing competition: As a result of changes in the rules of industrial licensing and entry of foreign firms, competition for Indian firms has increased especially in service industries like telecommunications, airlines, banking, insurance, etc. which were earlier in the public sector.

(ii) More demanding customers: Customers today have become more demanding because they are well-informed. Increased competition in the market gives the customers wider choice in purchasing better quality of goods and services.

(iii) Rapidly changing technological environment: Increased competition forces the firms to develop new ways to survive and grow in the market. New technologies make it possible to improve machines, process, products and services. The rapidly changing technological environment creates tough challenges before smaller firms.

(iv) Need for developing human resource: Indian enterprises have suffered for long with inadequately trained personnel. The new market conditions require people with higher competence and greater commitment. Hence the need for developing human resources.

(v) Market orientation: Earlier firms used to produce first and go to the market for sale later. In other words, they had production oriented marketing operations.

In a fast changing world, there is a shift to market orientation in as much as the firms have to study and analyze the market first and produce goods accordingly.