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A critical path is an activity or event that, if delayed, will delay project completion. It is the chain of stages formative the least time needed for an operation, particularly when analyzed on a computer for a big organization.

Free floats: The amount of time that a schedule activity can be delayed without delaying the early start of any immediately following schedule activities. It is the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the Early Start of its successor activity. A company’s free float refers to the number of outstanding shares that are available to the public for trade.

It is obtained by deducting the early start plus the activity duration from the Early Finish of the Activity. We have the slack time available due to the time of Early Start / Late Start of the activity. You can calculate the free float by subtracting the Early Finish date of the activity from the Early Start date of next activity (ES of next Activity – EF of current Activity). However, this float does not eat away the slack time available for the successor activity.

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