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Factors that should be contained in every circular letter: Circular letter is one of the oldest types letter. This kind of letter originated in ancient time when people felt the necessity of circulating any message to a large number of people at a time in the same way. Regardless of its type and purpose, every circular letter should consider the followings:

  • Appropriate letterhead containing name, address, nature of business etc.
  • No inside address, as it is not written for a particular reader.
  • No subject line.
  • A polite, humble, and courteous salutation.
  • Easy, simple sweet language.
  • Attractive and convincing layout.
  • Logical and sequential description of the subject matter.
  • Positive writing approach.
  • In arranging the message due importance should be given to the convenience of the concerned parties.
  • Writing in ‘you’ attitude.
  • A humble, polite and gentle complementary close.
  • Different color format can be used in some special cases.
  • Above all, the writers name, signature and designation should be written at the end of the letter.
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