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Entrepreneurial Values and Attitudes

In a civilized society, qualities like honesty, truthfulness, cooperation, integrity etc are important for happy and healthy living. They are a set of beliefs or ideas that provide standards which guide behavior. Such guiding principles established in a cultured society are called values. Entrepreneurs, by the root characteristic of their innovative spirit and creativity, are capable of spotting and opportunity and initiating a change. They’re never satisfied with the existing products or services and always strive to introduce better products or services by making the existing ones obsolete.

While explaining human behavior, one often comes across the terms values and attitudes. Rather than attempting to distinguish between these two terms, it would be sufficient to say here that taken together, entrepreneurial values and attitudes refer to the behavioral choices individuals make for success in entrepreneurship. The word ‘choice’ is important, as there are alternative ways of behaving too. Be it the decision to make a choice about entrepreneurship as a career, be it the decision to choose the product line, growth strategy, profit making and social responsibility you would be required to make choices. The choice that you make may have a tremendous impact on your performance. What we do here is to profile some of the dimensions relating to starting and managing a business and the associated behavioral alternatives, we have considered here two to keep the things simple. We have highlighted those alternatives that have been generally observed to be associated with superior performance.