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The behavioural approach looks at the psychological, sociological and economic aspects of the system. This approach is fields of an information system that deals with behaviour issues arising from the developed system and longtime maintenance of the information system also deals with issues that cannot be explode using formulas. This approach deals with issues of:

  • Design,
  • Implementation,
  • Business integration,
  • Management.

Behavioural Approach based on the impact of the behaviour and also on the response of the people in the organization.

The technical approach to information systems emphasizes mathematically based models to study information systems, as well as the physical technology and formal capabilities of these systems. Technical approach this approach emphasis on three things –

  • mathematically based models to study an information system,
  • looks at physical technology and formal capability of the system,
  • the emphasis at identifying solutions that can be represented by formulas.

Technical Approach based on the mathematical and the normative models. Such an approach mainly finds much-needed contributions from disciplines like computer science, management science, operations research etc.

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