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Distinction between Communication Process and Communication Model

Communication model and process are closely related to each other. Communication process is made up of some sequential pans of exchanging information. This process includes sender, encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding and feedback. On the other hand, communication model is the symbolic presentation of communication process. Thus, it seems that communication process and model are similar to each other. Yet, there exists some differences between them. The differences are mentioned below:

Communication process

Nature: Communication process is theoretical in nature.

Understandability: Since communications process is a theoretical matter, it requires descriptive analyses of components.

Complicacy: The process is descriptive in nature and therefore, it is a complex matter.

Time involvement: Theoretical analysis communication process requires more time.

Requirement of Expert: There is hardly any need of expert to design a communication process.

Communication model

Nature: Communication model is the pictorial presentation of communication process

Understandability: Since model is a symbolic representation, one can understand the model by simply looking at it.

Complicacy: The model is relatively less complex as it is presented in the form of picture or diagram.

Time involvement: Developing Communication model requires less time than the process.

Requirement of Expert: Experts are essential to develop a well thought out model.