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Directing is said to be a process in which the managers instruct, guide and oversee the performance of the workers to achieve predetermined goals. Directing is said to be the heart of management process. In the ordinary sense, directing means giving instructions and guiding people in doing work. In our daily life, we come across many situations like a hotel owner directing his employees to complete certain activities for organizing a function, a teacher directing his student to complete an assignment, a film director directing the artists about how they should act in the film etc. In all these situations, we can observe that directing is done to achieve some predetermined objective.

Directing is said to be the heart of management process. Planning, organizing, staffing have got no importance if direction function does not take place. In the context of management of an organization, directing refers to the process of instructing, guiding, counseling, motivating and leading people in the organization to achieve its objectives.

Direction has following elements:

  • Supervision
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Communication