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Differences between Memo and Letter

Both memo and letter are the important means of written communication. Memo is used for internal communication while, letter is used for both internal and external communication. Though they are similar in many respects, still there are a number of dissimilarities. The major differences between them are discussed below:


  • Use: Office memo is used in internal communication. It does not go outside the organization.
  • Scope: The scope of memo is limited within the organization.
  • Type: Office memo may be formal or informal.
  • Formality: Office memo does not require inside address, salutation, and complementary close.
  • Presentation of message: Memo describes message without using any ornamental word.


  • Use: Letters are used both in internal and external communication.
  • Scope: Its scope is relatively wider than memo.
  • Type: Letter may be personal, official, derni-official and so on.
  • Formality: Letter requires company address, salutation and complementary close along with other parts of it.
  • Presentation of message: In some letters, ornamental words are used to express courtesy.