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Difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Communication takes either verbal or non-verbal form. Although both of them are the methods or media of communication, there are some clear distinctions between them. The major differences between verbal and non-verbal communication are as follows:

Verbal communication

Meaning: When information is exchanged through words, it is called verbal communication

Use of word: Verbal communication uses, either written or oral words .

Types: Verbal communications are of two types: oral and written.

Difficulty in understanding: People can understand verbal communication easily.

Variability of interpretation: Interpretation of verbal message may not vary significantly

Consciousness of the communicator: Verbal communication usually occurs consciously.

Structured: Verbal communication tends to be highly structured.

Non verbal communication

Meaning: When communication occurs using neither any spoken or any written word, it is termed as non-verbal communication.

Use of word: Non verbal communication is a non-word communication.

Types: Non-verbal communication takes place through pictures, symbols, gestures, actions etc.

Difficulty in understanding: Not-verbal communication is more difficult to understand.

Variability of interpretation: Interpretation of non-verbal communication may vary from person to person.

Consciousness of the communicator: Non-verbal communication takes place more often unconsciousness.

Structured: Non-Verbal communication is less structured.