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Difference between Social Discontinuity and Routine Social Change

Social Discontinuity

  • Definition: Social Discontinuity means an age of discontinuity in which change is so severe that it will create whole new institutions and significantly alter existing institutions.
  • Technological innovations: Technological innovations such as the computer and television. Which are having major efforts not only in business but as the whole society.
  • Social System: A pluralistic social system in which, social tasks are mostly entrusted to large institutions.
  • Development of economy: Development of a world economy of one market but without suitable institutions for handling it. With the one exceptions of the multinational corporation.
  • Knowledge revolution: A knowledge revolution which made knowledge the crucial resource of society.

Routine Social Change

  • Definition: Social change refers to any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms.
  • Technological innovations: Social change has to adapt to this technological change where many people get chanced and many lost their earning.
  • Social System: Routine social change is social system are captured by few people.
  • Development of economy: Economy remains within the society where people usually do not enter a transaction with other society.
  • Knowledge revolution: Knowledge is nothing but what the experienced people say.

Finally, when the social changes are happening rapidly it named as Routine Social Change.

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