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Difference between Services and Goods


  • Nature: An activity or process. e.g.. Watching a movie in a cinema hall.
  • Type: Heterogeneous.
  • Intangibility: Intangible e.g. doctor treatment.
  • Inconsistency: Different customers having different demands e.g. mobile services.
  • Inseparability: Simultaneous production and consumption. e.g. eating ice-cream in a restaurant
  • Inventory: Cannot be kept in stock. e.g. experience of a train Journey.
  • Involvement: Participation of customers at the time of service delivery. e.g. self-service in a fast food Joint.


  • Nature: A physical object. e.g.. video cassette of movie.
  • Type: Homogeneous.
  • Intangibility: Tangible e.g. medicine
  • Inconsistency: Different customers getting standardized demands fulfilled. e.g. mobile phones.
  • Inseparability: Separation of production and consumption. e.g. purchasing ice cream from a store.
  • Inventory: Can be kept in stock. e.g. train journey ticket
  • Involvement: Involvement at the time of delivery not possible. e.g. manufacturing a vehicle.