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Difference between Advertising and Personal Selling

Advertising is an uncongenial, paid form of contact used by the marketers for the promotion of goods and services. On the other hand, personal selling involves direct communication of the seller with the possible consumers.


  • Advertising is more useful in marketing to the ultimate consumer’s who are large in numbers
  • Advertising is an impersonal form of communication.
  • Advertising involves transmission of standardised messages, i.e., same message is sent to all the customers in a market segment.
  • Advertising is inflexible as the message can’ t be adjusted to the needs of the buyer.
  • It reaches masses, i.e., a large number of people can be approached.
  • In advertising the cost per person reached is very low.
  • Advertising can cover the market in a short time.
  • Advertising makes use of mass media such television, radio, newspaper, and magazines.

Personal Selling

  • Personal selling is more helpful in selling products to the industrial buyers or to intermediaries such as dealers and retailers who are relatively few in numbers.
  • Personal selling is a personal form of communication.
  • In personal selling, the sales talk is adjusted keeping view customer’s background and needs.
  • Personal selling is highly flexible. as the message can be adjusted.
  • Only a limited number of people can be contacted because of time and cost considerations.
  • The cost per person is quite high in the case of personal selling.
  • Personal selling efforts take a lot of time to cover the entire market.
  • Personal selling makes use of sales staff, which has limited reach.