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The term career means a profession or stability over time. A career defined as the pattern or work-related and experiences that span the course of a personal life. It is the process of enhancing an employee’s future value. Career planning is the pre-stage of entered into the career.

You could seek information and guidelines from the HR department to help you to develop your career plan if you are just joining with an MNC.

The information and guidelines I seek from the HR department to help me to develop my career plan if I’m just joining with an MNC, these information and guidelines are as follows. These guidelines supposed to be followed by both the individual and organization.

Know the organizational structure: HR department may help you to know their company’s organizational structure so that you may able to get more information about your profession.

Information about career goals: HR department helps us to know about the career goals of an employee.

Working conditions: HR department may help you to know about the working conditions within the organization.

Educational background: HR department helps you to know that what type of educational requirements they seek for their posts.

Performance feedback: HR department may provide you with information about their overall organizational performance feedback which helps you to know about the organization.

Career development discussion: We may help from HR departments about career development. Human resource managers help you to give information about career development.

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