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Demerits or Limitations of Grapevine

Grapevine is regarded as an appropriate channel of transmitting a message that cannot be sent through formal channels of communication. However, the grapevine is sot free from limitations. The limitations /demerits are discussed below:

Distortion of information: The most damaging aspect of Grapevine is the transmission of distorted information. Since it is an informal channel of communication, people transmit the baseless and distorted message that may harm the organization.

Providing incomplete information: Another key drawback of Grapevine is that is transmitting incomplete information. Though the message is true, it creates misunderstanding due to the inadequacy of information.

Swift transmission of the message: The swiftness through which information reaches to its destination may even be damaging. Its speed makes it difficult for management to stop undesirable rumors.

Spreading rumor: Grapevine is highly criticized for spreading rumor and untrue information in the organization. Sometimes people hide the real facts and transmit the manipulated picture through the grapevine. This may damage the working environment and produce conflict in the organization.

Lack of legal acceptance: Communication through the grapevine is not guided by any set rule or regulation. So the message of grapevine cannot be used as a reference as the message has no legal base.

The threat to secrecy: Grapevine also acts as a threat to the secrecy of the organization. Management must maintain the secrecy of some critical issues for the interest of the organization. But grapevine is very powerful and can collect the secret information by breaking the strong security measure of the organization.

From the above discussion, we can say that grapevine as have a very negative influence on the organization. It can hamper organizational solidarity, cohesiveness, and harmony. Therefore, management must be very careful and vigilant to overcome the above-stated demerits of grapevine.

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