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Meaning of Voice Mail

Voice mail is a kind of e-communication where a person sends messages orally to others. It is similar to e-mail with the difference that voice-mail is an oral where as e-mail is a written medium of electronic communication. It requires a computer, a voice recorder, and telephone connection to store the oral message in digital form. It is a very useful means of transmitting short oral message to someone who is not immediately available. Now a day, people can also send voice mail over their cellular phones.

Some quotations on voice mail are given below:

Hellriegel, Slocum, and Woodman defined, “Voice mail is a computer-based message system that people access by telephone”.

According to Bartol and Martin, “Voice mail is a recording system that enables senders to leave messages for receivers by telephone.”

Boone and others defined, “Voice mail is a computer-based system that processes both incoming and outgoing telephone calls.”

Finally, we can conclude that voice mail is a computer-based system of sending messages orally from the sealer to the receiver.