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Define E-mail in terms of Business Communication Technology

E-mail is the short form of electronic mail. It is a communication from one computer to another via Internet. When one computer is connected with the Internet, the user can send a message to a receiver whose computer is also connected with the internet. In e-mail, both the sender and the receiver must have specific e-mail addresses like Non-business users normally use various portals like yahoo, hotmail, mailcom, g-mail etc. to open e-mail address. When the computer receives a new message, it is automatically stored is the mail box. The user can check the new mails at his/her convenient time.

Bartol and Martin said, “E-mail is a mail system that allows high speed exchange of written messages through the use of computerized text-processing and communication networks.

In the opinion of Newstrom and Davis, “Electronic mail is a computer used communication system”.

According to Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodmun, “Electronic mail is a computer-based system that enables individuals to exchange and store messages with their computers”.

According to Quible and others, “Electronic mail is the technology used to transmit messages electronically from one location to another.”

Finally, we can say that sending written messages from one computer to another through internet is known as e-mail. When a new message is receives, it is stored automatically in the mailbox and the user can view the mails at any convenient time.