How to Create Market Offering? - QS Study
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Creating a Market Offering: On the part of the marketers, the attempt involves creation of a ‘market offering. Market offering refers to a absolute offer for a product or service, having given features like size, superiority, taste, etc; at a positive price; obtainable at a given outlet or location and so on.

It refers to providing entire information about the product and services, e.g., providing information about the name of the product and service, type, price, size, centre of availability, etc. A good market recommends is forever ready keeping in mind the needs and priorities of the customers.

Let say the offer is for a Mobile phone, available in four dissimilar versions, on the basis of definite features such as size of memory, television viewing, internet, camera, etc., for a given price, say between $ 5,00 and $ 1,000 (depending on the model selected), available for sale at say firm’s exclusive shops in and around all metropolitan cities in the country. A good ‘market offer’ is the one which is developed after analyzing the needs and preferences of the potential buyers.