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Causes of Distortion of Message in the Upward Communication Channel

Free and fair upward flow of information is essential for organizational success. However, some factors distort and filter the messages of upward communication and thus hamper its effectiveness. The followings are the main factors that distort and filter the messages in Upward Communication channel:

Fear of loss of image: Subordinates at generally very much conscious about their own image in the organization. They intentionally pass only those information that are helpful for maxims and budding their image. For doing so, they sometimes conceal the real informatics and present information by coloring them that leads to distortion and filtering of real message.

Suspecting Attitude: Generally, the subordinates have a tendency to suspect their superiors with regard to superior’s actions and behaviors. Due to suspicious attitude, subordinates tend to forward distorted message in the upward communication channel.

Expectation of reward and promotion: Subordinates expect recognition, reward, and promotion from the organization. In order to fulfill such expectations, they conceal the real fact and pass those messages that create a favorable impression about them in the mind of their superiors. In this way, they distort the messages of upward communication channel.