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Aspects of Staffing

The process of staffing for any organization is one of the most important parts of human resources function and it is very vulnerable to law suit. The decisions you make about staffing your business can have dramatic effects on the quality of your work, your retention rates and level of customer service. Making appropriate staffing decisions is one of the most important tasks for a manager or small business owner.

There are three important aspects of staffing:

  • Recruitment: Recruitment is a positive step which aims at attracting number of candidates to apply for the given job. The higher the number of people who apply for a job, the higher will be the possibility of getting a suitable employee.
  • Selection: Selection, on the other hand is a negative process in which a person is selected and the others are rejected. It aims at selecting the most rateable person out of the candidates who have applied for the job.
  • Training: Training is concerned with up gradation of the knowledge and skills of the employees so that their ability to perform can be enhanced.

It needs to be kept in mind that several factors such as supply and demand of specific skills in the labour market, unemployment rate, labour market conditions, legal and political considerations, company’s image, policy, human resource planning cost, technological developments and general economic environment etc., will influence the way recruitment, staffing and training will be actually carried out.