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Aristotle’s Communication Model

There are many models of communication developed by noted theorists of different disciplines. Among the theorists, Aristotle, Lasswell, Shannon, Weaver, McLuhan, McLuhan, Maclean, Rileys, Westley, Stephenson. Gerbner, Rothstein, Schramm, Berlo, Osgood, Johnson, cherry are the renowned ones.

Here discuss on Aristotle’s Model:

Aristotle, the renowned Greek philosopher, introduced a process of oral communication in his writing 300 years before the birth of Christ. The process is still regarded worthy in the study of modern communication. He speaks of a communication process composed of a speaker, a message and a listener. The Aristotelian model of communication is as follows:

The Aristotle’s communication model is a speaker centered model as the speaker has the most important role in it and is the only one active. It is the speaker’s role to deliver a speech to the audience. The role of the audience is passive, influenced by the speech. This makes the communication process one way, from speaker to receiver.

Aristotle pointed out that the person at the end of the communication process plays the key role to whether or not communication takes place.