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Aid or Assistance Available by Consumer Protection Act

Consumer rights are usually a orientation to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must do to protect consumers from mischief; this assembles of laws are means Consumer Protection Act. If the consumer court is satisfied about the substance of the complaint, it can issue one or more of the following directions to the opposite party. (This laws are vary countries own rules and policies. Here focus on Indian Consumer Protection Act)

(i) To remove the defect in goods or shortage in service.

(ii) To restore the defective product with a new one, free from any fault.

(iii) To refund the price paid for the product, or the charges paid for the service.

(iv) To pay a reasonable amount of compensation for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer due to the inattention of the conflicting party.

(v) To pay disciplinary damages in suitable situation.

(vi) To discontinue the unfair/ restrictive trade practice and not to repeat it in the future.

(vii) Not to offer dangerous goods for sale.

(viii) To remove the harmful goods from sale.

(ix) To cease manufacture of hazardous goods and to desist from offering hazardous services.

(x) To pay adequate costs to the appropriate party.

Brings out some decided cases where a complaint was filed in a consumer court for defective goods and deficient services.