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Advantages of Voice Mail

Voice mail is an electronic method of communication. Its key advantages are as follows:

Sending oral message quickly: Through voice mail a person can send oral message to any distant people very quickly.

Preservation of message: The message sent through voice mail is automatically recorded in the receiver’s computer. Therefore, the receiver can hear the message at his convenient time.

Communicating with several receivers: Through this types of mail same message can be seat to say receivers only by changing the receiver’s phone number or e-mail address.

Sending message to someone who is not instantly available:┬áIt is an effective means of communication with those people who are not readily available physically or over telephone. In this system of communication message is automatically recorded in the receiver’s computer or telephone. Therefore, the receiver can hear the recorded message from his computer later on.

Confirming the receiving of calls: When voice mail is sent to the receiver’s cell phone, the message is automatically recorder in the receiver’s phone set. Therefore, the sender is confirmed that the receiver has got the message.

Suitable for illiterate: Voice mail carries oral messages. So the receiver can hear the sender’s message over the phone or computer. Therefore, this system of communication is suitable for illiterate people.