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Advantages and Uses of Internet

The internet is used in a variety of ways. These uses are also termed as its advantages. The followings are the most Prominent uses / advantages of internet:

Transmitting e-mail messages: With the help of internet, people can send e-mail messages to their desired destination. E-mail is the most popular and widely used facility of internet.

Participating is live chat: Internet users can make key board chats with people wand wide. It does not require additional cost for the users.

Access to electronic bulletin boards: Online bulletin board is a very significant contribution of internet. Internet users can create bulletin board to exchange useful information on a variety of topics. People can view information from such bulletin board at anytime from anywhere.

Access to online journals: Internet is considered as the information store house. From internet, users can download articles or writings at free of cost. Such articles and writings are readily available there.

Playing online games: Internet allows people to play online games from their respective location.

Collecting news and reports: People can obtain information from Internet on various aspects like international sports, global weather forecast, international terrorism, tourism, trade, investment, and global economy.