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Lenticel: The lense shaped pores which are found in the bark of woody plants are said to be Lenticels.

Formation of lenticel:

(i) Cork cambium in some places instead of producing phellem cells, gives rise to thin walled, loosely arranged irregular shaped parenchymatous cells with sufficient inter-cellular spaces.

(ii) These parenchymatous cells exert pressure and as a result epidermis against it ruptures and forms lense-shaped pores.

(iii) The whole area thus formed is known as lenticel.

(iv) The thin walled parenchymatous cells of a lenticel are said to be complementary cells.


(i) Gaseous exchange between air and internal tissues of a plant occurs through lenticel.

(ii) Often, transpiration in a small scale may take place through lenticel.