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The significance of mitosis in the living world is unlimited. Some of them are described here:

i. Growth of the body: Growth of the body of a living being takes place by mitotic division. A unicellular zygote is transformed to a human body consisting of millions of cells. A small zygote forms a large Banyan tree.

ii. Maintaining equality of Chromosome number: By this division the number and properties of a chromosome in each cell of a multicellular body remains constant.

iii. Keeping the size and shape constant: By this division the definite shape and size of the cell remains constant.

iv. Healing of injuries: By producing new cells this process repairs the various types of damage of multicellular organisms.

v. Formation of sex organs: By this process sex organs are formed. As a result, continuity of reproductive sequence is maintained.

vi. Qualitative stability: Qualitative stability is maintained by mitosis.