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Role of plants in keeping Environmental balance

  • Green plants are the primary producer’s plants only convert solar energy in to chemical energy through photosynthesis. For food, other organisms are dependent on plants. Many animals and birds directly depend on plants for food and shelter.
  • All organisms receive oxygen and give out Carbon dioxide during respiration. These plants receive Carbon dioxide from the air as raw materials for photosynthesis and manufacture carbohydrate.
  • All organisms receive oxygen from the air to carry out respiration. If plants did not produce oxygen as by product, there would have been a deficiency of oxygen. Thus plants keep natural balance.
  • Plants resist the soil erosion by their wide root systems.
  • Plants, especially the dense forests cause heavy rain falls. Thus, plants keep significant contributions in environmental balance.
  • Plants also play a vital role in regulating the temperature and humidity of the air.
  • Plants are the main source of food for humans. Plants, unlike humans and animals, manufacture their own food. They do so by the process known as photosynthesis by use of sunlight.
  • Plants after death are decomposed and purified by the action of some microbes (a kind of plant).

In this way plants are keeping natural balance. Most of us are concerned about the poisoning of our planet. But even well- informed people may be unaware that plants accumulate, metabolize, and distribute environmental contaminants.

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