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Prophase Stage of Meiosis in Plants

Meiosis consists of four basic phases: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. In premature prophase, the cell begins to break down some constructions and build others up, setting the stage for division of the chromosomes. The mitotic spindle begins to form. The spindle is a structure made of microtubules, strong fibers that are part of the cell’s “skeleton.” Its job is to organize the chromosomes and move them around during mitosis. In late prophase (sometimes also called prometaphase), the mitotic spindle begins to capture and organize the chromosomes. The chromosomes terminate condensing, so they are very dense.

(Pro- before, phase- appearance) In this phase the following changes occur:

  • Dehydration begins in the nucleus, especially in chromosomes
  • Pigment bearing capacity of chromosome increases
  • The continuous dehydration makes chromosomes thicker and shorter due to coiling
  • In this condition, the chromosomes are visible through microscope
  • Every chromosome is seen divided vertically except the centromere.
  • The disappearance of nucleus membrane and the nucleus occurs later in this phase.