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Plants play the key roles in keeping the natural balance, because-

  • Green plant is the primary producers. Plants only convert the solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis. Other organisms, for food, depend on plants Mans, animals and birds for food and shelter depend directly on plants.
  • All living organisms inhale O2 (Oxygen) and exhale CO2 during respiration. Thus oxygen in the environment decrease unbelievably which would result the death of all organisms. Plants use CO2 as raw materials in the photosynthesis and therefore the environment is saved.
  • All living organisms inhale O2 during respiration, which could have been the cause of oxygen demand in the environment. This does not occur actually because of the sufficient supply of O2 by the plants, as by product during the photosynthesis.
  • Soil is one of the most important demented of the environment. Plan resists the soil erosion with the help of their wide root system. This causes the infertility of the soil in one hand and elevation of riverbeds on the other hand losing the water containing capacity which results the overflow of water during the rainy season. Thus plants play a vital role in keeping the environmental balance by preventing the soil erosion.
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