Mention the Living and Non-Living Characteristics of Virus

The living characteristics of virus are

1) Every virus is made of either DNA or RNA and protein

2) They can reproduce inside the living cells

3) Like pathogenic bacteria, it also cannot live without living cells

4) Genetic recombination is found to occur in this

5) Mutation is found to occur.



  • Vaccinia
  • T2 Bactoriophage


  • Tobacco Mosaic Virus (T.M.V)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (H.I.V)


Mention the non-living characteristics

The non-living characteristics:

  • It has no distinct cell
  • An individualist virus cannot make am organic activities without living on another living cell
  • They have no cytoplasm, nucleus and other cell organizes and metabolic enzymes
  • Crystal granules can he made

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