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Mention the significance of Mitosis

Mitosis leads to production of two daughter cells from a mother cell in each cycle of cell division. In other words, nucleus divides once in each cell cycle.

To keep balance between nucleus and cytoplasm: The balance between nucleus and cytoplasm is maintained through mitosis so that the shape and size of the cell remain unchanged.

Physical growth: in multi-cellular organisms a one celled zygote turns into a many celled embryo. Repeating the same process the embryo eventually forms the multi- cellular organism.

Formation of reproductive organs: By equational division, reproductive organs are formed in the multi-cellular organism.

Reproduction: In Eukaryotic organism, reproduction occurs by this process. (such as in chlamydomonas)

Keeping the chromosome number constant: Mitosis ensures the quantitative and qualitative distribution of chromosomes in all the cells of an organism.

Repairing of wounds: Any wounds or broken parts of the organism repaired rapidly by mitosis.

Demerits of mitosis: Tumour, cancer etc are caused by uncontrolled mitosis. If mitosis remains unchecked, it may result in uncontrolled growth of cells leading to cancer or tumour.