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Marine ecosystem, complex of living organisms in the ocean environment.

The water of the sea is saline. In the saline water the sea there lives numerous phytoplanktons and zooplanktons. The marine ecosystem is the largest ecosystem after the whole of Planet Earth because water accounts for more than 70 % of Earth’s surface. Coral, Prawn Starfish, Snail, various types of small and large fishes, tortoise, dolphin, shark. whale etc. live in the sea. Phytoplankton and sea algae are the only producer in marine environment. Prawn, bivalve, zooplankton, minute pelagic animals and small fishes are the primary consumers.


Large fishes, tortoises, whales etc. are the secondary ones. The sharks and various predatory fishes the tertiary ones. Generally the small fishes are herbivorous. The starfish, prawns, snails are detritus eating animals. The food chain of whale is also short like that of hilsa such as plankton, whale, plankton, small bivalve’s and whale.