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We came to know that apical region of stein is the ideal region of growth. During apical growth there develops young leaves and sometimes axillary bud. Always the rate of development of axillary bud is lesser than that of apical bud. It is observed that if the apical bud is removed the growth of axialiary bud expedite. For production and better growth of buds at the lower region in many cases the apical bud is removed.

In Tea plant if apical bud is removed many axillary buds produces. In this way the tree characterstics of tea plants changes to shrubby nature, and production of bud therefore, the production of tea increases. By the influence of apical bud usually the production of axillary bud seized, or if produce always the growth of axillary bud is dominated by the growth of apical bud. The dominating tendency of apical region of stem is called apical dominance.


The growth regulatory substance named Auxin mostly present at the shoot apex, for which growth rate is higher at this region. When apical bud is removed Auxin flows downwardly, thus produces axillary bud or accelerate their growth.

You can demonstrate the apical dominance very easily. Cut the apical bud of a potted chili or ornamental plant. Then it will be observed that the axillary buds developed to branches. Without cutting the apical bud not much branching will occur.