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Importance of the osmosis is Plant Life

  • Water absorption: Plants absorb water from the soil through osmosis.
  • Diffusion: Diffusion of water from one cell to another is also regulated by osmosis.
  • The equal distribution of water: The equal distribution of water to different organs such as leaf, stem, root etc is mainly performed by osmosis.
  • Turgidity of Cells: Osmosis is responsible for turgidity of cells.
  • Regulation of the rate of transpiration: Osmosis actively participates, in regulating the rate of transpiration.
  • Dispersion of fruits and seeds: Osmosis indirectly helps in the dispersion of fruits and seeds.
  • Movement of different organs: The movement of different organs of plants such as- the opening and closing of stomata of leaves is dependent on osmosis.
  • Self Defense: Plants can stand against the adverse condition of the environment like drought, salinity, snow falling due to the increase of osmotic pressure.
  • The growth of plant body: Osmosis indirectly helps in cell division by creating turgidity which results from the growth of the plant body.