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The breath of a one-year-old mango tree increases after one year. In this way with the increase in age its breath also increase. Breath of a mature root and stem is increased by secondary growth (lateral growth). Usually secondary growth occurs in gymnosperms and dicot plants. So all the broader plants of the world either gymnosperm or dicot plant.

Examples of gymnosperms are Cycas and Pinus. Mangos, Jamboline, Litchi, Shaal, Garjan, Sundary, Teak, Gamari, Karai etc. are examples of dicot plants.

How increase in breath take place

Increase in breath takes place in root and stem by their secondary growth in intrastellar or extrastelar region. First in the intrastelar region of vascular bundles there develops a cambium ring. This cambium ring produces secondary xylem tissue towards the center and secondary phloem tissue towards the periphery.

As many secondary xylem and secondary phloem is formed from the cambium ring so much increase the breath. Secondary growth also takes place in extrastelar region (outside the pericycle).