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Pericycle:  Pericycle is a plant tissue that enables plants to grow roots and facilitates plant development. It helps plants grow and develop throughout all stages of life. It is composed of one Layer sclerenchymatous cells.


  • It stores all other food materials except nitrogenous foods.
  • Pericycle is classified as a primary tissue, which means that it plays an essential role in keeping plants alive.
  • Pericycle generates cells of various kinds, including those that create lateral root development and enable secondary root growth.

Pericycle cells consists of two types of cells parenchyma or sclerenchyma cells.

  • Parenchyma cells are actually vascular. They are responsible for storage of nutrients and short distance transport of nutrients.
  • Sclerenchyma cells are non-vascular cells, they are responsible for providing support and protection.