Female Toad Reproductive System - QS Study
QS Study

The organs which form the female reproductive system of toad are:

(1) A pair of ovaries

(2) A pair of oviducts

(3) A pair of uteri


Ovary: The female toad has two ovaries. These are situated on the dorsal side of abdominal cavity. They have no definite shape; they grow during the breeding season. Within the ovaries innumerable ova are produced. Matured ova are black and spherical. At this time the two ovaries burst and the ova become scattered.

Oviduct: The toad has a pair of narrow, whitish, coiled oviducts. At the anterior end of each duct there is a funnel and the posterior end widens to form the uterus. The ova enter the oviducts through the funnels.

Uterrus: The posterior part of each oviduct becomes dilated to form a sac like structure. This is uterus, where the ova remain stored temporarily. Later the two uteri meet together and open into the cloaca. The urine and ova of the female toad pass into the cloaca through two separate ducts. Later through cloacal aperture they are discharged from the body.