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Affecting Factors of Respiration may either be external or internal:

(a) External Factors:

  1. Temperature: Below 20 C and above 45 C the rate of respiration reduces. The optimum temperature for respiration is 20 C – 45 C.
  2. Oxygen: If the amount of oxygen is reduced the rate of respiration will reduce.
  3. Water: Optimum supply of water maintains the rate of respiration normal. Rate of respiration reduces for scarcity of water.
  4. Light: The stomata opens in light, so rate of respiration comparatively high in day time.
  5. Carbon dioxide: With the increase of CO2 in air, rate of respiration decreases slightly.

(b) Internal Factors:

  1. Food materials: During respiration food materials break to release water and CO2. So the quality and quantity of food materials in the cell regulates the rate of respiration.
  2. Age of cell: Rate of respiration is maximum in young cells especially in meristamatic cells (as there is much protoplasm).
  3. Enzymes: Different reactions of respiration need different kinds of enzymes. The process completely depends on their presence.
  4. Inorganic salts: Rate of respiration increases if there is more inorganic salts in the cell.