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Structure of Cell

A living cell is so tiny in size that it is not visible to the naked eye. However, people are not sitting idle. Cells can be observed very clearly with the help of microscopes. At present, the organelles of a cell can be easily observed using at electronic microscope. As a result, many small organelles have been discovered. Here discuss the main parts of the cells.

  1. Cell wall: It is only present in plant cells. Animal cells do not have any cell wall. It is made up of non living materials. Some cell walls have pores in them. The function of the cell-wall is to give the cell its shape and regulate the passage of liquid materials in to and out of the cells. It also protects the inner part of the cells.
  2. Protoplasm: It is a jelly-like; sticky, semi-liquid substance surrounded by cell wall. Protoplasm is the basis of life. It has three parts: cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.