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Distinctiveness of the inner organization of Dicot Root

Dicot roots of gram shows following distinct region in its Transverse section with following features: Epiblema, Cortex, Endodermis, Pericycle, Vascular bundles and Pith.

  • Epiblema is the outermost unilayered with several unicellular root hairs. It consists of thin walled, compactly arranged living parenchymatous cells.
  • Cuticle is absent in the epiblema and well fitted with unicellular root hairs.
  • Cortex is thin walled, multilayered region made from circular or polygonal parenchymatous cells.
  • Endodermis is the innermost layer of cortex and covers the stele. It consists of one layered cells and casparian strips are present in endodermal cells.
  • Pericycle is the outermost layer of stele and composed of uniseriate layer of parenchymatous cells. It is composed of one Layered cells.
  • Vascular bundles are two or six in number and they are radial type.
  • Xylem is exarch type, i.e., proto-xylem is situated towards the periphery.